Building a Better Brain

//Building a Better Brain
Building a Better Brain

Better Brain, Better Life

Comprehensive services for patients who want to maintain brain health or who have been diagnosed with mild cognitive decline.

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Do you or a loved one
experience growing mental
fatigue, especially late
in the day?

Do you find it exhausting
to try to remember the last
thing you read or what you
needed to buy at the store?

Do you find it difficult
to maintain focus &
concentrate on tasks, or
suffer with brain fog?

These symptoms could be a sign of extreme body exhaustion or an already diagnosed medical condition, but it can also be an early stage of declining brain function.

At first, these cognitive impairments are subjective, in other words, they are obvious to the individual but look normal in standard neuropsychological testing. Unfortunately, this state might last a decade before it progresses to a mild cognitive decline.

The good news is that cognitive impairment is not inevitable. There are many reversible causes, including a poor diet, sleep disturbance or deficit, immune system challenges, infection, or hormone imbalances, among many others.

The bottom line? Individuals with subjective cognitive impairment and mild cognitive decline can reverse their symptoms and live a long, full life. 

Recharge Your Brain → Recharge Your Life

Improved Mood

Improved Memory

More Energy

Better Sex Life

More Focus

Call Today: 703-532-4892, Ext. 2

Our goal is to address the underlying causes of your symptoms, improve your memory and executive functioning (mental processes that enable us to plan, focus, and juggle multiple tasks), and provide you with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to optimize brain function and overall wellbeing.

Our treatment plans are designed for each individual to optimize brain health and cognitive function and may include the following services:

• Educational Materials

Yoga & Meditation


Physical Therapy

Heart Rate Variability

Worried about brain aging?
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