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From the Heart, For the Heart

Give your Valentine the heart-healthy gift of dark chocolate this weekend, and make sure to treat yourself to some too! Dark chocolate has been identified as a “super-food” for good reason – and the key is in the cocoa. Look for chocolate that contains at least 70%, as that’s where the cardiovascular benefits are found. […]

Are You Dying For A Good Night's Sleep?

It is estimated that over 70 million people suffer with a chronic sleep disorder in the United States, impacting not only the individual struggling to get a good night’s sleep but potentially all of us. It is conservatively estimated that more than 100,000 car accidents resulting in 1,550 deaths and 71,000 injuries each year are […]

Dr. Kaplan Answers Your Chronic Pain Questions

Dr. Gary Kaplan, pain expert and author of ‘Total Recovery,’ answers your fibromyalgia, muscle pain, and endometriosis questions.   Dr. Gary Kaplan, author of Total Recovery: Solving the Mystery of Chronic Pain and Depression, answered questions that Rodale News readers submitted through our Facebook page and by email. We hope this information from Dr. Kaplan […]

Can Antibiotics Cure Your Chronic Back Pain?

Scientists at the University of Southern Denmark say, “Maybe.” New research indicates that 20 to 40 percent of all chronic, lower back pain is caused by bacterial infection and that treating this infection with an extended course of antibiotics can help many patients avoid back surgery. As a physician who cares for patients with chronic […]

Meditation: Can It Help Reduce Your Pain?

Meditation, which can be practiced in many different forms, has been used for thousands of years to benefit the mind, body, and soul. Now there is a growing body of medical research proving that meditation not only modifies brain function, but it can also actually change the way we experience physical pain. A study reported […]

Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease

No bigger than a quarter inch and as small as a poppy seed, the deer tick that transmits Lyme Disease has created big medical problems for many people and a large controversy within the medical community over the best ways to test for and treat the disease. According to Dr. Gary Kaplan, of the Kaplan […]

Are Statins the Best Means of Preventing Heart Disease?

6 Ways to Reduce Your Cardiac Risk without Prescription Medication Odds are, you or someone you know is currently taking a “statin,” a category of cholesterol-reducing medications commonly prescribed to decrease the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Usually recognized by the brand names “Crestor” and “Lipitor,” statins are a multi-billion dollar industry, with […]

Dark Chocolate: A Super Food

Good news! Giving your sweetheart a gift of dark chocolate on Valentine’s Day is not only romantic, it’s also heart-healthy! Dark chocolate is known as a “super food,” because it is chock-full of antioxidants that fight dangerous free radicals in your body. In addition, dark chocolate reduces blood pressure, increases the elasticity of the blood […]

8 Tips to Help You Manage Your Medication

Are you fully aware of the risks of your medications? A recent study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, revealed that four commonly used drugs, namely: Warfarin (Coumadin), Insulin injections, Oral anti-platelet injections (including aspirin) and Oral hypoglycemic agents (oral diabetes medications) cause two- thirds of the drug-related emergency hospitalizations in older adults […]