Celebrate National Yoga Month With These Yoga Poses

In honor of National Yoga Month, Laura Dorsett, MTS, demonstrates a few yoga poses that help to relieve tension in the neck, back and hips, and will leave you feeling revitalized. These gentle stretches are a wonderful introduction to yoga for beginners! National Yoga Month was created by the Department of Health & Human Services [...]

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An Interview with Dr. Jorge Paz-Rodriguez of the Stem Cell Institute

Learn how adult adipose (fat), bone marrow, and umbilical cord tissue stem cells - with potent anti-inflammatory properties - are being used in conditions such as Autism, multiple sclerosis, congestive heart failure, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injury, and autoimmune disease in general. Watch Dr. Gary Kaplan's interview with Dr. Jorge Paz-Rodriguez, Medical Director of [...]

Acupressure Techniques for Seasonal Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, this short video will give you hands-on instruction on a few acupressure techniques that can provide quick relief of your symptoms when they flare up.  

A Revolutionary Integrative Approach to the Management of Chronic Pain – 7-Part Video Series

Increasing evidence shows that mast cells, cells of the immune system, may play a larger role in the pathophysiology of inflammatory diseases than previously understood. Our knowledge of what causes inflammation in the brain has grown dramatically in the last few years, but the battle against chronic pain, a symptom of neuro-inflammation, depends on [...]

  • managing incontinence

Women and Aging: The Incontinence Issue

Managing Incontinence The loss of bladder or bowel control - is a relatively common medical problem. But incontinence is NOT a normal OR an inevitable part of growing older. Moreover, the highly personal nature of the issue prevents people from talking about it with their friends, family members, and sometimes even their doctors, leaving many [...]

Acupuncture & the Opioid Epidemic

The use and abuse of prescription pain medications is now responsible for an astonishing 44 deaths per day in America, surpassing auto accidents as the leading cause of accidental deaths in American adults. Despite this fact, sales of opioid medications keep rising as do the number of prescriptions each year. At the same [...]

Methylation Testing to Detect Vitamin Deficiency

Dr. Gary Kaplan explains the importance of methylation testing in detecting vitamin deficiency at the 2014 Prevention R3 Summit.     Watch more highlights from Dr. Kaplan's panel discussion where he speaks about diet, digestive health and aging, nutrient and vitamin deficiency, and more, here.

Understanding Breast Cancer Lymphedema

Michele McLellan, PT, OCS, CLT, a Vodder certified lymphedema therapist, discusses the treatment of lymphedema – a common and often painful complication of breast cancer that can develop after lymph nodes are taken to stage the cancer. While this process of staging helps to determine lifesaving treatment, painful swelling can develop, causing long-term [...]

  • chinese medicine to treat lyme

Lyme Disease and Gu Syndrome Treatment with Chinese Medicine

Lyme disease is a tick-borne bacterial illness that can cause skin, heart, joint and nervous system problems. It can be difficult to make a quick and accurate diagnosis and some people may experience serious symptoms including muscle and joint pain, fatigue and cognitive weakness for years after the infection. But there are steps you can [...]

Chronic Pain Mismanagement: Another Silent Epidemic – 3 Part Video Series

There are approximately 100 million people - in the United States alone - suffering with a chronic pain condition. It's a shocking figure, no matter how often you hear it. Over 100 million people (almost 1/3 of the population of the US) have a quality of life that is adversely affected by their [...]

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